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Vigor determines the effectiveness of bandaging and offers a damage bonus with melee and ranged weapons.

Vigor is a supportive skill which increases your Weapon Base Damage and the amount of heal from bandaging. The more Vigor level you have the more your Weapon Base Damage will increase.

  • Vigor increase your Weapon Base Damage
  • Vigor increase the amount heal from bandaging.
  • You can cure posion from people when you have 60 Vigor and 60 Healing.
  • You can resurrect people when you have 80 Vigor and 80 Healing.

Vigor Leveling Guide[edit]

  • If you just started to the game probably you will not have enough money to train your Vigor level to 30. So You can select 30 levels of Vigor in the starting skill selection menu.
  • If your Vigor is lower then 30, try to train your skill to 30.0 for 3 silvers.
  • Try to use a Weapon which has fastest attack speed weapons such as Short Bow, Dagger or Katana. The more you attack to your enemies the more you will have a chance to gain vigor.
  • Try to use Bandage to heal yourself as much as you can.
  • Go to Valus Graveyard or Eldeir Graveyard, Helm Graveyard or Pyros Graveyard. (Suggest you to go to helm graveyard because there are not much people there.) To increase your Vigor skill from 30 to 60.
  • If you kill an enemy do not forget to loot it. You will use the money which you got from the graveyard, to buy better weapons and armors from player Merchants.
  • Try to buy a Brightwood Shortbow or Obsidian Katana etc. which has 2.5 seconds attack speed and (%85+ increased damage) and 20+ accuracy to maximise your max damage.
  • After reaching 60 skill level of Vigor go to Halls of Corruption dungeon in Upper Plains near Eldeir city, till you reach 80 skill points.
  • When you reach 80 skill points try to find some friends to go to dungeons which is in wilderness areas. You can see the List of Dungeons.

  • Each 1 skills in Vigor approximately will increase your Weapon damage %0,125.
  • Attacking an enemy with weapons and brawling can increase your vigor level.
  • Using Bandage to heal yourself and animals can increase your vigor level.
  • Select 30 skill levels of Healing in the starting skill selection menu. (Optional)
  • Player made craft items has better durability and bonus to Weapon Base Damage.
Vigor Level Weapon base attack
10 %12,5 Bonus to Weapon Base Damage
20 %25 Bonus to Weapon Base Damage
30 %37,5 Bonus to Weapon Base Damage
40 %50 Bonus to Weapon Base Damage
50 %62,5 Bonus to Weapon Base Damage
60 %75 Bonus to Weapon Base Damage
70 %87,5 Bonus to Weapon Base Damage
80 %100 Bonus to Weapon Base Damage
90 %112,5 Bonus to Weapon Base Damage
100(Max) %125 Bonus to Weapon Base Damage

If you have Dagger which has 12 Weapon base damage. If you have 100 skills in vigor, your base weapon damage (Attack) will be 27.

Amount of Heal
100 100 256
50 100 145
50 50 85
50 0 26
100 0 46
100 50 151
0 100 33
0 50 19
0 0 6

Vigor Skill Trainers[edit]

Vigor can be trained from Fighters and Guards, can be found at following locations;

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