Pyros Landing

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Payros Landing is a beautiful city located on the trip of the Southern Rim of Celador

People of Valus[edit]

Following citizents can be found in Pyros Landing;



Trainable Skills[edit]

Following combat skills can be trained from vendors;

Following crafting skills can be trained from vendors;

List of Trainers and Skills[edit]

Trainer Skill
Wallace Rogue Lockpicking, Stealth, Piercing, Hiding
Vincent Trader Healing
Issac Woodsmith Archery, Carpentry, Lumberjack
Zeb Alchemist Alchemy
James Fabricator Fabrication
Justin Metalsmith Blacksmithing, Mining
Vick Innkeeper Cooking
Coldman Scribe Inscription
Ford Stable Master Animal Taming, Animal Lore
Guards in Pyros Landing Blocking, Vigor, Brawling
Gabriel Fighter Blocking, Vigor, Slashing and Fighter Prestige Ability Trainer
Tidus Fisher Fishing
Justin Fisher Fishing

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