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Point Release 5 – April 23rd,April 26th 2019[edit]

Hotfix – April 26th, 2019[edit]

  • All players can earn one ethereal horse statue per day from logging in during the weekend (April 26- April 28)
  • Players are now lootable immediately upon death
  • Player corpses no longer disappear on logout before release
  • Regular horses can now be dismissed to stable
  • Players are no longer dismounted for the following actions:

Manifestation Spell: Portal

Manifestation Spell: Mark

Manifestation Spell: Etherealize

Manifestation Spell: Ward Evil

Activating Hearthstone

Activating Escape Scroll

When using the Atlas

  • Increase activation time on hearthstone and escape scrolls to match portal spell.
  • Stuns/Disables now much slower snare, casting movement speed unchanged
  • Blocking with shields is fixed
  • Empty corpses will turn into a skeleton on death.
  • Fixed individuals that are dead, but not released can teleport through doors in dungeons.
  • Ethereal horses are now slightly less transparent
  • Etherealize Potion added (Difficulty: 90 – 100)
  • Potion of Mending added removing bleed and mortal strike (Difficulty: 75 – 100)
  • Cure Potion now requires 0 – 25 skill.
  • Increased Crafting Order rewards drop rates
  • Ether now requires 5 essence to create instead of 10.


  • Plot tax rate significantly decreased (3s3c for 12×12 / 24s96c for 30×30)
  • Plot re-size commit cost significantly increased (5g60s for 12×12 / 3p15g 30×30)
  • Land Deed purchase price increased to match commit cost of minimum land size
  • House blueprint purchase price doubled
  • House resource build cost doubled
  • Plots with negative balance will be foreclosed on Mondays at server noon instead of Saturdays
  • First Plot auctions now start one hour after foreclosure
  • Plot auctions last 4 days up from 30 minutes, allowing bidding opportunity for all
  • Plot auctions starting bid is calculated from cost of plot land size
  • Plot taxes can now only be paid by Plot Owner/House Co-Owners
  • Plot taxes can be paid directly from bank balance

New Death System[edit]

  • Ghost players enter the Astral Plane and are unable to see other mobiles with the exception of abilities that grant sight at great limitation
  • Upon death a player will not instantly release to their ghost. When released, the player will be moved to the nearest resurrection shrine
  • Returning to the site of your player corpse will offer an ability to resurrect with minimal resource pools and all remaining belongings returned
  • Players can choose to resurrect at a shrine following their death, which will leave all belongings on corpse
  • You can now Resurrect a player’s corpse while player is in a different region
  • Pets will be partially released upon player death and will resume ownership on resurrection within range of your body
  • Added Spirit Walk; cooldown ability which teleports a ghost player to the nearest applicable shrine
  • Added Ephemeral Projection; an ability that allows a ghost player to see other mobiles near their corpse and for a short period when activated
  • Map indicators now show dungeon entrance if corpse is inside

New Mount System[edit]

  • Standard mounts can no longer be dismissed to statues
  • Mounting a horse is no longer instant / being dismounted no longer carries a debuff
  • Mounting a horse simply requires an interruptible short channel
  • Engaging in combat, casting spells or engaging in standard actions will dismount the rider
  • Ethereal mounts are now available with summon/unsummon straight to player inventories that will wear over time and eventually break from normal use
  • New Spell! Etherealize will allow the caster to turn their targeted mount into a statue
  • New Reagent! Ether will allow the casting of Etherealize, crafted by an alchemist from items obtained from: liches, skeleton mages.
  • Legacy mount statues may be used to summon a horse which cannot be dismissed.

Allegiance Improvements[edit]

  • The Allegiance system now has seasons. Rankings reset at the start of each new season
  • Players are now ranked directly against their peers
  • Allegiance ranking is updated upon server restart
  • New ranking information added to the Allegiance window
  • Joining allegiances now requires new members to have attained maximum stats (150/150)
  • Adjustments made to the transfer of Favor (rank points) on kill


  • Chances to receive specific crafting orders based on your skill level has been adjusted
  • Some new crafting order rewards are now accessible that were not previously. This includes some new dye colors, furniture and bless deeds
  • Iron blacksmith table is now craftable (added recipe)
  • Colored hatchets and mining Picks are no longer rewards and are instead craftable by different materials.

Miscellaneous Improvements[edit]

  • Doubled the duration of Hamstring from 6 to 12 seconds and increased the cooldown from 20 to 60 seconds
  • Updated Kryss secondary ability to bleed
  • Updated Poniard secondary ability to Mortal Strike
  • Adjusted bow difficulty to improve skill progression
  • Adjusted Obsidian crafting difficulty to improve skill progression
  • Adjusted difficulty on boards to allow crafters to GM on high end materials
  • Hunter spider now has the appropriate pet slot assignment
  • Fixed Black Forest town chest that was stuck in a wall
  • Dice rolls are now System Messages
  • Range increased on Destroy Foundation to allow players to destroy foundations
  • Fixed an issue that always counted owner’s guard protection when protecting pets
  • Higher skill characters are no longer offered low skill missions
  • Fixed missions being given based on incorrect skill level
  • Mission difficulty level for tamers now uses AnimalTaming instead of Beastmastery
  • Lockboxes can be opened via lock picking
  • Players affected by Chilled debuff will be immune to Frost damage for the duration
  • Disabling effects such as stun now set to lowest speed vs locking in place, also applies to casting
  • Fixed Stasis removing Immunity when effect was ended early
  • Opening the map in a region you have not memorized will open the zoomed world map instead
  • Founder Mount Statues have been temporarily disabled; on use player will be given a system message
  • Allegiance leaders’ default interaction when out of combat is now converse instead of attack
  • Stablemaster added to Black Forest Outpost
  • Escape Scrolls now sold in Oasis and Black Forest
  • Catacombs Wraith Knight now has the appropriate amount of health
  • Run speeds across monsters have been slightly reduced
  • Female bandits now have the same HP as male bandits
  • Reduced overland spawn in The Barrens
  • Updated descriptions on Manifestation and Evocation
  • Ogre bosses now drop ability books
  • Vile spiders now drop vile leather instead of beast leather
  • Hearths located in Inns are now a heat source
  • Wilderness Mission Dispatchers have returned!


Early Access Hotfix – March 14th, 2019[edit]

  • Minimap now rotates correctly
  • Minimap now shows dynamic buildings
  • Keybinding modifiers no longer stop WASD from working
  • Fixed an issue with spawn delay on certain monsters
  • Lowered the difficulty on Blightwood and Ash
  • Fixed issue where taxes can be taken out more than once for everyone.
  • Client stuttering optimizations


Point Release 4 – February 28th, 2019[edit]

Abilities & Combat[edit]

  • Players will no longer become stuck from using the Charge ability.
  • Resolved issue preventing stat gain when relative skill was at maximum.
  • Skill gains should now be offered when attacking all mission lairs.
  • Skills are cleared before applying new skills during character creation.
  • Corrected the Resurrection spell power word.
  • Tooltip on Escape Scrolls has been updated to: “Teleports you to the nearest escape location.”
  • 1st level Evocation and Manifestation spells now correctly raise skill above 0.
  • Meteor spell effect no longer comes out of the ground.

Creatures & Taming[edit]

  • Can no longer tame dead creatures.
  • Saddlebags may only be applied to a horse once.
  • Bug addressed which resulted in saddlebags becoming unusable.
  • Released pets no longer offer combat skill gains.
  • Pets will no longer attempt to protect their guard target from themselves.
  • Players can no longer resurrect awakening bosses.


  • Initial performance optimizations that will make the game run smoother on less powerful machines.
  • Modifiers can be removed from keybinds.
  • Karma window text updated.
  • Various fixes to item bounds and world collision.
  • Keybindings now operate correctly with modifiers (Ctrl, Alt etc).
  • Modified Graphics settings will no longer be reverted between client sessions.
  • Fixed shop button bar tooltip showing wrong keyboard shortcut.
  • Inn tables now use the correct client object.
  • Slightly increased overhead chat font size.

Guilds & Housing[edit]

  • Corrected an issue which allowed Guild Masters to be kicked from their own guild.
  • Bug addressed which allowed guilds to have multiple Guild Masters.
  • Fixed a bug which was causing the decoration tool to become stuck/unusable.
  • Secure or locked down containers must be empty of items to be lifted out of reach via the decorate tool.
  • Decorate tool can only move items below ground to a very limited extent.


  • Can begin harvesting a new target without needing to move first.
  • Items can no longer be placed into corpses.
  • Catacomb’s Death no longer drops “Empty Packs”.
  • Auto looting a corpse will retain item locations in container.
  • Rune burying can be canceled by moving or performing an action.
  • Item previews in the crafting window are presented correctly.
  • Bandit archers now leash appropriately.
  • Mounts are no longer useable in specific areas of Ruin Level 2.
  • Eldeir Woodsmith now has an outdoor crafting station.
  • Tomatoes are now edible!


Point Release 3 – February 14th, 2019[edit]

Relics of the Ancients Event[edit]

  • Begins Friday at 10am EST – Ends Sunday at 10pm EST
  • Players will decipher riddles to find hotspots throughout the world that change every hour
  • In addition to their normal loot, relic monsters will drop relic fragments that can be turned in for exclusive items.
  • Players can earn an exclusive event item and up to 3 power hour potions per account during the event.
  • Relic locations will be both inside and outside the guarded zone, but the rewards for hunting at wilderness sites will be higher.


  • Weapon damages increased for slower melee weapons:
  • Weapons with a natural swing speed…
  • … of 4 seconds or greater receives +4 to attack
  • … of 3.5 seconds or greater receives +3 to attack.
  • … of 3 or greater receives +2 to attack.
  • … of 2.5 or greater receives +1 to attack.
  • Strength bonus towards weapon damage has been increased from 1.25 to 2. Weapon damage at 50 STR will remain unchanged, damage at 10 STR will be approximately half what it’s prepatch value.
  • Warbow swing speed reduced from 4.5 to 4 seconds (damage adjusted accordingly).
  • Longbow swing speed reduced from 3.5 to 3 seconds (damage adjusted accordingly).

Ability balance[edit]

  • Charge cooldown increased from 30 seconds to 45 seconds.
  • Spell Chamber cooldown increased from 30 to 60 seconds.
  • Empower cooldown increased from 30 seconds to 60 seconds.
  • Empower heal effect reduced from 80% to 50%.
  • Dart cooldown increased from 30 seconds to 60 seconds.
  • Stun Shot cooldown increased from 20 seconds to 60 seconds. Stunshot cast time reduced from 2 seconds to 1 second.
  • Double Shot stamina usage increased from 10 to 15.
  • Damage variance on slowest weapons reduced from 10% to 5%
  • Damage variance on all other weapons reduced from 5% to 2%
  • Dismounted players must wait 8 seconds before remounting (previously 5 seconds).
  • Monster abilities assigned a global 5 second cooldown.

Friends List[edit]

  • You can now request to add someone as a friend.
  • Friends window shows when your friends are online.
  • You can now private message your friends by using /tell or clicking the tell button from the Friends List.


  • Player status window is now draggable.
  • You can now mute the login screen sounds.
  • Strength bonus to max carrying capacity has increased to a maximum of 400 (with 50 STR).
  • Reduced number of aggressive creatures on the grid spawner.
  • Made rare mob spawns way more common.
  • You may no longer gain combat skills from attacking player pets.
  • Initiates can lose initiate status for leaving protected areas.
  • Awakening bosses no longer have combat skills above GM skill.
  • Warg and Vile Spider have had their spell/ability lists updated.
  • When opening a mobile corpse with nothing on it, user will receive a message and no container window will be presented.
  • Mobile corpses will no longer ‘sparkle’ if they do not contain loot.
  • House foundations still under construction can be refunded for their blueprint but resources will be lost, only affects newly placed foundations.
  • Players can now bid on plot auctions while being the top bidder.
  • Plot auction bid amount can be specified.
  • Continued plot bidding will inform you of amount due now (new bid subtract current bid).
  • Trash Barrel’s added to Valus, Outpost, Trinit, and Oasis bankers.
  • Moved shop button to button bar.
  • Added “Reset Window Positions” button to settings


Point Release 2 – Dungeon Expansion – January 31st 2019[edit]

In-game Store[edit]

  • The in-game store is initially going live with loyalty purchases only
  • Initial store inventory:
  • Soulstone (1200 Loyalty) – Allows for the storage of up to 100 skill points of any skill. The skill can only be retrieved on the same account that stored it. Retrieving the skill consumes the stone.
  • Decorative Harp (1000 Loyalty) – Plays a harp chord when you activate it.
  • Town Shields (250 Loyalty each) – These 4 shields bear the sigil of their respective towns: Eldeir Village, Valus, Pyros, and Helm. *These are not blessed and can be lost in battle.

Dungeon Expansion[edit]

  • Deception, Ruin & Contempt have been extended to include a 2nd level.
  • Each dungeon has had received a graphical and environmental overhaul that matches the dungeon’s world location.
  • Second levels include new feature such as destructible traps, trap rooms, monster spawners and puzzles.
  • New Monsters, monster combat abilities and encounters.
  • Rare spawns in dungeons are now more common.


  • Auctions now take place at 1pm on Sundays. (EST for US, UTC for EU)
  • Merchants continue to sell items while a plot is foreclosed.
  • Merchants will now transfer to the winner of the auction.
  • Dead players can no longer bid on plot auctions.


  • Merchants will transfer to the new owner when a house is traded.
  • Manifestation Spell: Ward Evil (8th circle)
  • Summon a ward to alert you of evil in an area. Duration 10 minutes. Only one ward may be summoned per user.
  • Auto-stacking into containers should be working now.
  • Arrows now give their proper damage bonus, if any
  • Awakening boss now only distributes rewards to those who have sufficiently damaged it.
  • Awakening boss now distributes a maximum count of reward items.
  • Ghosts now teleport through doors instead of being able to open them.
  • Players now require Animal Lore of 80 or more to cast Resurrection on pets.
  • Bandaging a corpse cannot be done in combat, movement and other actions will break resurrecting with a bandage.
  • Bandage corpse resurrection success chance increased from 1/4 to 1/3.
  • Reduced the volume of birds in the login screen.
  • Catacombs guards are now Neutral guards.
  • Fixed housing region along southern rim/southern hills region line.
  • Bindstones can only be used by owners/co-owner/friends from within the plot. To allow others to bind, place it near the edge of the plot.
  • Bind location will fail to work if bindstone is moved too far from original bind location.
  • Hearthstone will no longer work when something is blocking the bound destination.
  • Fixed Bandage stock amount in Valus.
  • Animation added for bandaging a corpse.
  • Land deeds now look significantly different from the deed traded when trading a house.
  • Fixed a bug that cause certain assets to show “Missing Art”
  • Fixed collision in ruins throne room.