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New Player Questions page created to help new players.

  • This page also can be called " New Player / Newbie Guide ".

Will be wipe after steam release?[edit]

  • No ! There will be no wipe after steam release or full release !

Which Server To Choose ?[edit]

What is "Skill" and " Skill Cap " ?[edit]

  • You can get 600 skill points total for each character. Check = Skill page.

What is "Stat" and "Stat Cap" ?[edit]

  • You can get 150 stat points total for each character. Check = Stat page.
  • Each stat maxes at 50, min 10 You have a total pool of 150.

What is maximum and minimum of a "Stat" ?[edit]

  • Maximum stat = 50
  • Minimum stat = 10

How many character slots do I have?[edit]

  • Currently 4 Character slot.

What are Professions /Roles/Play styles in the Game?[edit]

As many of the other sandbox games, Legends of Aria doesn't offer a preset build. In other words there is not such a thing called class in Legends of Aria. Here is a list of builds you can choose, created on top of common sense and public experience.

  • List of Professions is not build yet! You can check other questions.

Which Professions /Roles/Play styles should I Choose to play ??[edit]

  • You can choose any of them to play.
  • Suggest you to choose just 1 of them to play for each character.

What is Character Builds ??[edit]

  • Build is a suggested Character skills and stats.

Check = Build page

What is the game Currency/Money ?[edit]

Currency System
100Copper = 1Silver
100Silver = 1Gold
100Gold = 1Platinum

What does NPC Mean?[edit]

What is a Skill Train ?[edit]

  • If you find the trainer of the selected skill, you can train your skills from 0 to 30.0 instantly.
  • Training cost 3Silver for each skills.

Who is a skill trainer ?[edit]

  • Trainers are game NPCs, each NPCs train different skills.

Where is the list of skill trainers?[edit]

What is Prestige Ability ?[edit]

How to increase/level/train my combat skills ?[edit]

  • Mage related skills can be leveled everywhere, because the leveling of magic skills depend on the skill you cast, independent of the target.
  • For weapon skills and Vigor attacking Creatures with the relevant Weapon has a chance to increase your skill.

Here is a list of optimum ways to level up weapon skills:

Where can I keep my stuff - items in the game?[edit]

  • There are NPC Bankers in each Town (Except Belhaven). You can go to the Banker NPC and double click him, then select "bank" or you can just write "Bank" in the game near the NPC.
  • Bank has a capacity of holding 200 different items.
  • Alternatively, you can build a house and lock down items inside, or put inside various containers.

How can I ride a "Horse"??[edit]

  • You can buy them from Stable Masters in each Town for 5 silver.
  • You can buy from player vendors, where you can probably find cheaper than 5 silver.
  • You can tame horses if you have at least 29.1 Animal Taming skill.
  • You don’t need any skill to ride a horse.

How can I dismiss a Horse to statues ??[edit]

  • Standard mounts can no longer be dismissed to statues
  • Regular horses can now be dismissed to stable
  • Mounting a horse is no longer instant / being dismounted no longer carries a debuff
  • Mounting a horse simply requires an interruptible short channel
  • Engaging in combat, casting spells or engaging in standard actions will dismount the rider
  • Ethereal mounts are now available with summon/unsummon straight to player inventories that will wear over time and eventually break from normal use
  • New Spell! Etherealize will allow the caster to turn their targeted mount into a statue
  • New Reagent! Ether will allow the casting of Etherealize, crafted by an alchemist from items obtained from: liches, skeleton mages.
  • Legacy mount statues may be used to summon a horse which cannot be dismissed.

What kind of Weapons can I use ?[edit]

Can I repair Weapons or any items in the game ?[edit]

  • You can't repair any items or Weapons in game.
  • Repair system is not currently available in game.

Using different types of Weapons in the same Weapon Skill would increase skill gain chance ?[edit]

  • Using different Weapons won’t increase or reduce your skill gain chance.

How to increase my Spell Damage ?[edit]

If you got 50 Intelligence and 100 skills in Magic Affinity you will have 25 POWER! (You can check your power status by pressing "C" button in the game!)

How to increase my Weapon Damage ?[edit]

What Types of Armors can I wear ?[edit]

When can I Cure poison and resurrect People/Animals ?[edit]

  • You can cure poison from people when you have 60 Vigor and 60 Healing.
  • You can resurrect people when you have 80 Vigor and 80 Healing.

How to Delete a Character ?[edit]

  • Type /deletechar while logged in with the character you want delete.
  • It has to be at least 7 days old before you can delete it.

How to convert copper to silver ?[edit]

  • Buyying items from merchants and vendor will convert copper to silver.
  • Putting copper to bank will convert it into silver.

What can I do if my character stucks ?[edit]

  • Type /stuck in game or click "ESC" then click "Stuck".

Where can I get "Bandages" ?[edit]

  • You can buy bandages from "Trader Vendors" in each town by 1 copper each.

How to send a prived message to your friend ?[edit]

  • You can send private message your friends by using /tell or clicking the tell button from the Friends List.

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