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Jewelry is a way to get bonus for selected stats and they are supportive items in Legends of Aria. There are 2 kind of Jewelries in the game; Necklaces and Rings.

  • Jewelries are the items that gives stat bonuses for Will, Wisdom and Constitution.
  • There is no jewelries in the game which gives stat bonuses for Strength, Agility and Intelligence.
  • You can use only 1 Necklace and 1 ring for your character.
  • Stat cap 150 in the current stat of game. The bonuses which you will get from jeweleries will be added to your stat cap.

For Example = If you wear 1 Perfect Sapphire Ring for +5 Wisdom and Perfect Sapphire Necklace +5 Wisdom, you will have 160 stat points.

List of Jewelry[edit]

You can find following items in Jewelry category;

List of Rings[edit]

Name Stat Bonus
Flawed Topaz Ring +1 Will
Imperfect Topaz Ring +3 Will
Perfect Topaz Ring +5 Will
Flawed Sapphire Ring +1 Wisdom
Imperfect Sapphire Ring +3 Wisdom
Perfect Sapphire Ring +5 Wisdom
Flawed Ruby Ring +1 Constitution
Imperfect Ruby Ring +3 Constitution
Perfect Ruby Ring +5 Constitution

List of Necklaces[edit]

Name Stat Bonus
Flawed Topaz Necklace +1 Will
Imperfect Topaz Necklace +3 Will
Perfect Topaz Necklace +5 Will
Flawed Sapphire Necklace +1 Wisdom
Imperfect Sapphire Necklace +3 Wisdom
Perfect Sapphire Necklace +5 Wisdom
Flawed Ruby Necklace +1 Constitution
Imperfect Ruby Necklace +3 Constitution
Perfect Ruby Necklace +5 Constitution

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