Eldeir Village

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Eldeir Village is the starting area in Celador in Upper Plains. The village lies outside of the city of Petra. It is under the protection of the Guardian Order.

There are 2 cottom farms in Celador. One of them is located in Eldeir Village.Cottom farm is usefull to make bandage and fabrication.

There is also Graveyard south-east side of eldeir village called Eldeir Village Graveyard.


Eldeir Village is located in the resource rich Upper Plains of Celador. Eldeir is known for its flourishing artisan community and bustling market place.

People of Eldeir Village[edit]

Following citizents can be found in Eldeir Village;



Trainable Skills[edit]

Following combat skills can be trained from vendors;

Following craft skills can be trained from vendors;

List of Trainers and Skills[edit]

Trainer Skill
Wallace Rogue Lockpicking, Stealth, Piercing and Hiding
Zigmund Mage Manifestation, Magic Affinity, Evocation, Channeling
Guy Trader Healing
Issac Woodsmith Archery, Carpentry, Lumberjack
Nicodemus Alchemist Alchemy
Robert Fabricator Fabrication
Samogh Metalsmith Blacksmithing, Mining
DR.Pawns Innkeeper Cooking
Colt Scribe Inscription
Michael Chef Cooking
Morton Banner Stable Master Animal Taming, Animal Lore
Guards in Eldeir Village Blocking, Vigor, Brawling
Gabriel Fighter Blocking, Vigor, Slashing and Fighter Prestige Ability Trainer

Lockpicking Chests in Eldeir Village[edit]

Chest Level Notes Location (X,Y)
Tier 1 Behind a pile near Wallace (rogue trainer)
Tier 1 In the house with Zigmund (mage trainer)
Tier 1 Inside the metalsmith's house
Tier 2 Near the hired merchants
Tier 2 Outside the metalsmith's house, behind the forge.
Tier 2 In the house beside the cotton field
Tier 2 2 in the inn
Tier 2 In the house with Zigmund (mage trainer)
Tier 3 Behind Colt (Scribe)
Tier 5 Behind Henry Banker

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