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Brawling determines your effeciency with your fists.

  • 50 points in Strength will increase your fists damage %100.
  • 45or30or15 points in Agility will increase your attack speed.
  • 100 skill points in Vigor will increase weapon damage. Max: %125

Hit Chance[edit]

When you and your opponent have the same combat skill value, you have %40 hit chance while attacking him/her. This hit chance can be further modified by weapons Accuracy attribute.

For Example: You have 100 archery skills and your opponent has 100 Evocation Skills (holding Spell Book in his/her hand) or 100 Slash skills holding katana in his/her hand;

  • You have %65 hit chance against your opponent if you have +25 Accuracy Weapon in your hand.


  • You need to hold weapon related to your combat skill in your hand (not in your backpack) for above to apply.
  • Only attacking combat skills (weapon skills and brawling) can be used while calculating hit chance.

Brawling Skill Trainers[edit]

Brawling can be trained from Listed citizens, can be found at following locations;

Brawling can be trained from Guards, can be found at following locations;