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Archery is a fighting skill which increases your chance to hit enemy by using bow type weapons. The more archery level you have the more your chance will increase to hit your enemies. You need to attack and stand still enough to use your bow type weapons to hit your enemies by using arrows.

  • 50 points in Strength will increase your weapon damage %100.
  • 45or30or15 points in Agility will increase your attack speed.
  • 100 skill points in Vigor will increase weapon damage. Max: %125
  • Using different Ranged Weapons wont increase or reduce your skill gain chance.

List of Ranged Weapons[edit]

The only ranged weapons are bows in the game which is 2 handed weapons is used by Archers

Name Material Attack Speed Hands Abilities
Short Bow Wood 13 2.5 2 Overdraw
Double Shot
Long Bow Wooden 18 3 2 Power Shot


War Bow Wooden 25 4 2 Power Shot

Mortal Strike


Archery Fast Leveling Guide[edit]

  • If you just started to the game probably you will not have enough money to train your archery level to 30. So You can select 30 levels of archery in the starting skill selection menu.
  • If your archery is lower then 30, try to train your skill to 30.0 for 3 silvers.
  • Try to use Ranged Weapon which has the fastest attack speed such as Short Bow. The more you attack to your enemies the more you will have a chance to gain archery.
  • Go to Valus Graveyard or Eldeir Graveyard or Helm Graveyard. (Suggest you to go to helm graveyard because there are not much people there.) To increase your Archery skill from 30 to 60.
  • If you kill an enemy do not forget to loot it. You will use the money which you got from the graveyard, to buy better weapons and armors from player Merchants.
  • Try to buy a Brightwood Shortbow which has 2.5 second attack speed and 15 weapon damage (%85+ increased damage) and 20+ accuracy to maximise your max damage.
  • After reaching 60 skill level of archery go to Halls of Corruption dungeon in Upper Plains near Eldeir city, till you reach 80 skill points.
  • When you reach 80 skill points try to find some friends to go to dungeons which is in wilderness areas. You can see the List of Dungeons.
  • Or If you want to gain archery levels faster till 100 skill points you can go to Wyvern's Rest in Barren Lands. You will see Wyverns there and you can kill them easily. They move too slow. Try to have max range and just attack to the Wyverns. You can get skill points till 100.0
  • You will need to have Arrows to hit your enemy by using Ranged Weapons.
  • Arrows can be purchase from Carpentry shops/vendors in Cities for 10 copper each.
  • Select 30 skill levels of Healing in the starting skill selection menu. (Optional)
  • Player made craft items has better durability and increased weapon damage.

Suggested Stats[edit]

The following suggested stats is PvE (player versus environment) oriented.

Stats Points
Strength 50 To increase attack damage.
Agility 45 To reach max attack speed.
Constitution 25 To reach soft cap of Health Pool.
Intelligence 10 You will not use Magic.
Wisdom 10 To prevent Magic Damage.
Will 10 Most PvE creatures don't use stuns.

Archery Build[edit]

Skills Points
Archery 100 To decrease miss chance.
Vigor 100 To reach max attack damage.
Healing 100 To heal yourself.
Light Armor 100 Decreasing damage taken.
Optional Optional
Optional Optional

Optional Skills : Second Fighting Skill, Hiding, Stealth, Lockpicking, Treasure Hunting.

  • Stat Cap is = 150
  • Skill Cap is = 600
  • Suggested Stats and suggested skill selection just for you to increase your archery skill faster and PvE oriented.
  • Do not hesitate to play around with your Stats and Skills after you got some experiance.

Supportive Crafting Skills for Archers[edit]

Hit Chance[edit]

When you and your opponent have the same combat skill value, you have %40 hit chance while attacking him/her. This hit chance can be further modified by weapons Accuracy attribute.

For Example: You have 100 archery skills and your opponent has 100 Evocation Skills (holding Spell Book in his/her hand) or 100 Slash skills holding katana in his/her hand;

  • You have %65 hit chance against your opponent if you have +25 Accuracy Weapon in your hand.


  • You need to hold weapon related to your combat skill in your hand (not in your backpack) for above to apply.
  • Only attacking combat skills (weapon skills and brawling) can be used while calculating hit chance.

Archery Skill Trainers[edit]

Archery can be trained from Woodsmiths, can be found at Carpentry Shops in following locations;

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